Hippies and new freaks – peace love & freedom

Photo reporting workshop from 17th to 22th march 2012

Workshop main issues
Mother India School, in march offers again a workshop in the villages and the most famous beaches of Goa, a place of worship of the hippies from around the world in 60 years, when they slept in huts in the forest, after digging a hole in the sand to hide money and passport. The “flowered” around the world under the slogan “peace, love and freedom” spent their days in yoga, meditation and music, smoking chillum in the legendary “Full Moon Party” with songs, dances and concerts. Decades later, Goa has become an annual event for many tourists of all ages. Away from the tourist destinations, it is easy to meet young and old freaks who drive the historic Enfield, including rice fields, rivers and forests of palm trees.
Who are the new tourists in Goa? How has it changed? Who are the new freaks?

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