A thousand years Ravenna

Photo reporting workshop 11th to 17th July 2011

Workshop main issues
The photo reporting workshop leaded by phographers Giampiero Corelli and Shobha will take place between 11th and 17 of July 2011 in Ravenna town.
It aspires to focus on a photograph exploration through three specific areas of the town and its neighborhood: the dock, the industry suburb; the so called “piallassa”, a huge valley environment.
The dock is today a redevelopment area, situated east of the railway station and only one kilometre far from downtown. Many buildings of this environment were largely used in the past, but today are abandoned and have fallen into a decadent state.
The petrochemical industry represents one of the main driving force of the local economy and it is located in the suburb area towards the seaside and the natural environment.
Piallassa is a typical valley area of Romagna landscape, where water and earth mix. This is a really evocative and attractive zone, especially during the twilight, because of a rich variety of wildlife, i.e. birds. The valley is about the industrial environment and is part of the most beautiful and largest nature reserve of Europe, called Parco del Delta del Po.
These full of memory places give evidence to an interesting mix of natural and urban landscape. Moreover, participants will be carried on the appealing exploration of extraordinary edges of the old Ravenna centre, a treasure chest of art, history and culture; in its glorious past, it was capital three times between the 5th and 8th centuries and the magnificence of this period has left important remains that have come down to us today. Ravenna is the city of mosaic art which did not originate here but found its highest form of expression in a mixture of symbolism and realism, Roman and Byzantine influences and even today this ancient craft lives on in schools and workshops. Here, Basilica of San Vitale, Mausoleo of Galla Placidia and Dante Alighieri’s Tomb tower over. Nonetheless other examples of industrial architecture and archaelogy and street life will be investigated.

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