Dall’ultimo workshop

I progetti dei corsisti

Ogni corsista di Mother India termina il proprio workshop producendo un progetto completo.
Qui a sinistra un estratto dei progetti dell'ultimo workshop.
Clicca su una foto per aprire la gallery del workshop e guardare i progetti completi e se ciò che vedi ti piace, fallo sapere al mondo condividendolo su Facebook e twitter.
Every student of Mother India end the own workshop producing a complete project.
Here on the left there is an extracted from latest workshop's project.
Click on any image to open the workshop gallery e to have a look over the complete projects and if you like what you see, let the world know sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

I workshop di Mother India, i regolamenti e come partecipare. - Mother Indias' workshops, guidelines e how to participate.

Prossimi workshop

A thousand years Ravenna

The photo reporting workshop leaded by phographers Giampiero Corelli and Shobha will take place between 11th and 17 of July 2011 in Ravenna town.
It aspires to focus on a photograph exploration through three specific areas of the town and its neighborhood: the dock, the industry suburb; the so called “piallassa”, a huge valley environment…

Photo reporting workshop in Cambodia with Shobha from 15th to 26ty february 2011

Magnificent adventure that will allow us to share with enthusiasm, once again with a camera, away from our life experiences. We will sail for three days along the banks of Mekgong, hours of navigation we have time to share our work with the computer. We will stop in the villages of Chnokfrue, Kompong Chhnang, Chnok […]

MOTHER INDIA – Storie di donneMOTHER INDIA – Stories of women

Donne indù, musulmane, cattoliche, immigrate e intoccabili dei villaggi, donne professioniste, moderne turiste in bichini. Goa rappresenta l’india in un piccolo territorio. Tra immigrati che provengono da tutti gli stati dell’india, ognuno con le proprie tradizioni lingue e religioni, ricchi imprenditori indiani e turisti della classe media,Hindu, Muslim, Catholic women, migrated from Karnataca and untouchables of the villages, gentle and mysterious, like goddesses, they fill Goa’s land with colour and poetry. In this strip of India it is the woman who is the great protagonist.
Women are those who get water for their houses from deep wells and carry it on their heads, women are those who organize the fish market, they are little girl mothers who grow up with their children.

STREET LIFE – Palermo nel cuore…STREET LIFE – Palermo in the heart…

Palermo è folle, contraddittoria, malinconica e amara.
Nel centro storico i palazzi fatiscenti distrutti dai bombardamenti della seconda guerra mondiale fanno sembrare che il tempo abbia congelato la città. Immobile e statuaria come le donne vestite di nero sedute agli usci. Fuori dal tempo come i mestieri che non si trovano più da nessuna parte, gli uomini che giocano a carte, i carretti dei venditori ambulanti e le strade in cui si vende solo latta.alermo is crazy, contradictory, melancholy, embittered. Crumbling palaces, bombed during World War II, still stand in the old city centre as if time had frozen the city. Statuesque like women dressed in black sitting on the street doors. Out of time like traditional trades you can no longer find anywhere else, men playing cards, pedlars’ carts. Crazy in the alleys of the Borgo you can meet boys strolling with the horses of clandestine races, Mondello’s beach is a fun fair, boys play with water pistols around Padre Pio’s statue.